Isla Mujeres - México

Why Choose Ixchel Residences ?

Ixchel Residences is the ideal second home, offering benefits, flexibility and financial benefits unmatched by private ownership.

Ownership of a Club Residence liberates you from the chores and responsibilities of maintaining a second home.

Plus, a Ixchel Residences eliminates the security concerns of full-time property ownership.

Your Deeded, Fractional Ownership Interest in a luxurious Ixchel Residences, saves hundred of thousands of dollars spent for full time ownership.

As an Ixchel Residences Owner, not only are you guaranteed a month’s residence each year, you can also stay in any of the more than 5,000 distinguished resorts worldwide affiliated with Ixchel Residences!

Ixchel Residences offers a unique option that no destination club can match. Instead of merely having access to a collection of vacation homes, Ixchel Residences owners actually purchase a deeded fractional part of a beautifully designed, elegantly furnished, one or two bedroom villa.

As a Club Owner, you are also a Home Owner’s Association Member, sharing in the decisions that affect you and your co-owners vacation’s life, like yearly maintenance fees. Your private villa awaits! Contact us

Isla Mujeres - México