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Fully Deeded Ownership

Fully Deeded Ownership

Each owner has an undivided, deeded interest and the right in perpetuity to occupy their private villa residence. Coupled with that interest is a membership in the Home Owners’ Association and the right to use the common areas owned by the Association. By committing financially only for the time to be used, owners avoid the year-round costs and maintenance concerns of full vacation home ownership.

As a deeded real estate product, Ixchel Residences ownership is subject to applicable property taxes that your  maintenance fee will pay. Like any other form of real estate, an owner’s undivided deeded interest may be sold by the owner or a licensed real estate agent, subject to the declaration of the Ixchel Residences rules, regulations, conditions and restrictions.

Owners may choose to rent their month(s), the Ixchel Residences managemet company has all the tools, agreements and controls so you just have to let them know you are interested in renting your villa and they will do it for you for the time you would not use. Alternatively, owners may utilize one of the various exchange privileges.

Each Ixchel Residences offers interests of a minimum of one month in residence per year. Multiple months may be purchased and combined to create customized patterns of ownership. You have the flexibility of reserving a different month each year for your stay (advance reservation required).

Exchange Privilege

Owners may exchange their villa for vacations at other Resorts affiliated in the best exchange company in the world, the world renowned RCI Resorts Condominiums International, which gives service to prestigious companies such as Hilton, Disney, Hyatt and more than 5,000 destinations.


Owners are assured of continuing quality and maintenance through an Annual Assessment fee, which pays for the professional management and operation of all Ixchel Residences facilities. Included in these annual fees are funds for maintenance, insurance, housekeeping, refuse removal, legal and accounting services, fuel, utilities, staff salaries, supplies, and a pro-rata provision for the replacement and refurbishing of Ixchel Residences

Ownership Facilities

A member-elected Board of Directors establishes budgets and fees on an annual basis. During the early development years, representation on the Board will include primarily Ixchel Residences management personnel.

Isla Mujeres - México